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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead

Catholic Charities of Southeast Texas
Volunteer Opportunities
“Providing Help and Creating Hope”

To get started please complete the following forms with the Program Name you want to volunteer for:

Click here to complete & email or mail in a Volunteer Application Form

Mailing address
2780 Eastex Freeway
BeaumontTX 77703

or email documents directly to the Program Director listed below:

Asset Building Case Management (ABC) - Beaumont:
Contact: Matt Hopson, Director
409-924-4425 or email:

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA)
Contact Matt Hopson at (409) 924-4425 or
by email:
Click here for more information: VITA Volunteer Application

Hospitality Center - Port Arthur:
Contact: Christina Vara Green, Director
1-888-982-4842 or email:
  • Head Cooks coordinate the meal for the day.  Head Cooks arrive around 7:00am to get everything ready for the cooks, and can usually leave around 12:30pm.  Head Cooks must be able to cook for as many as 200 people.  All supplies and ingredients are provided for the meal. 
  • Cooks prepare the meal for the clients.  One head cook is in charge of the meal and the other cooks assist with the preparations.  Cooks arrive at 7:00am and usually leave at 10:00am.

  • Drivers are needed to pick up donations and deliver them to the Hospitality Center.  It is best if the driver has a large vehicle or a truck to transport the donations. All volunteer drivers must be pre-approved to drive.

  • Servers arrive at 10:00am to serve the meal.  Lunch is served from 10:30am to 12:30pm.  After the meal is served servers help clean and are usually done by 1:00pm. 

Disaster Response - Beaumont:
Contact: Main Office
409-924-4404 or email:

  • Case Aids are responsible for assisting with the duties of the Case Managers in providing Case Management services to clients.  They are also responsible for client phone calls and scheduling appointments as needed.  Volunteers are needed in both Port Arthur and Beaumont.

  • Greeters are used when scheduled visits are made to intake sites.  Their responsibilities include ensuring that all clients sign-in, providing information regarding the process, and crowd control.

  • Data Entry Specialists will assist the Case Managers and Case Aids with data entry in the program database.

  • Phone Volunteer will assist the Case Aids with answering phone calls and listening to and forwarding on voice mail messages.

  • Spanish Interpreter will assist the Disaster Response program with interpreting for Spanish speaking clients and if necessary translating documents into Spanish.

  • Vietnamese Interpreter will assist the Disaster Response program with interpreting for Vietnamese speaking clients and if necessary translating documents into Vietnamese.  Volunteers are needed in Port Arthur.

  • Disaster Response Volunteers are used in different capacities immediately before and after a disaster strikes.  Volunteers will assist with tasks depending on the scope of the disaster and the availability of the volunteers.  Trainings will be held periodically to prepare Disaster Response Volunteers to respond to different situations.

  • Research Specialist Volunteers are needed to assist the Case Managers in researching different topics of interest.  This can be done at home or at the volunteer’s convenience.

Elijah's Place: Grief Support Services - Beaumont:
Contact: Randi Fertitta, Director
409-924-4433 or email:

  • Volunteer Facilitators facilitate activities and discussions within the different groups who attend Elijah’s Place.  Volunteer Facilitators are required to take a 20-hour training that is held twice a year.  The next training will be in the summer. 

  • Licensed Facilitator is the on-site clinical leader and supervisor for Volunteer Facilitation on group nights.  The Licensed Facilitator will provide pre- and post-group briefings and will be available to Volunteer Facilitators during group meetings.  The Licensed Facilitator must have a master’s degree and state licensure appropriate to their degree in social work, psychology, or education.  Licensed Facilitators are required to take a 20-hour training that is held twice a year. Please reference our website calendar for dates and times of training.

  • Kitchen Volunteers help set up for the pot-luck dinner that is held before the Elijah’s Place group meets.  Kitchen volunteers also make sure things run smoothly during dinner and help clean and straighten up after the kids go to group.

  • Intake Volunteers watch children while their parents are in a meeting to prepare for Elijah’s Place.  This volunteer must have flexible hours and must be willing to volunteer with little notice.

Immigration Services - Beaumont:
Contact: Alma Garza-Cruz, Director
409-924-4413 or email:

Clerical Support Volunteer is needed to assist with different tasks around the office.  Volunteers need to be bi-lingual, preferably with Spanish and English.

Market to Hope - Beaumont:
Contact: Gerard Parigi, Director
409-924-4436 or email:

  • Client Advocates complete intakes and re-certifications with clients; administer client satisfaction surverys and food security surveys; collect information from clients about their prefernces and desired products and convey this information to Program Director; and assist Program Director with elements of case management.

  • Shopping Assistants help guide clients through the pantry and assist clients with locating products; point-out healthier options and any new items or bundles; collect information from clients about their preferences and desired products and convey this information to Program Director.

  • Checkers/Baggers review clients’ selections to ensure they meet eligibility guidelines (i.e. number of items per household); enter clients’ chosen items into program software (point-of-sale) system; and bag clients’ groceries.

  • Carriers/Runners assist clients with carrying groceries to vehicle and returning baskets to pantry and assist checkers with needed items (ex. additional grocery bags or other supplies).

  • Market and Warehouse Assistants assist operations manager with conducting inventory of products; help with unloading deliveries and stocking warehouse shelves; sorting donated food product; and stocking pantry shelves.

  • Kit Packers assemble specialty kits as needed (emergency, seniors, children, homeless, etc.)

  • Receptionists welcome and check-in clients and answers telephone.

  • Clerical Assistants provide clerical support with filing and data entry.

Around the office - Beaumont:
Contact: Juanita Hockett, Office Manager
409-924-4411 or email:

  • Various day to day activities can include activities such as stuffing envelopes, folding brochures, greeting guests, answerting phones, or helping staff with clerical work.

  • General Ground & Building Maintenance Volunteers are needed to assist with minor tasks around the Central Service Facility.  

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